Sunday, December 2, 2012


Through the high, deep rooted walls of hurdles life entrenched
you gave the cynical ploy of fate, a run for its money
you sore high and above, far beyond the reach of those who undermined you
you made it girl.  you did us all proud.

Not with a fizzle but with a bang, You rose above the odds
Blew that floozy façade refusing to work at anybody but your’s bid
Privy to what those of the grey areas said, you shot that horse in the face
you made it girl. you did us all proud.

Going solo, you sailed through the turbulence of the dark seas
Raising the White flag was never an option, no matter how tough the going got
Success is now yours and sky is the limit, applause is all you can hear.
You made it girl, you did us all proud.

You are an inspiration, you may not be aware
You are that nudge only prodigies of such finesse could be
You are my rub for every meltdown, our shenanigans make the best of memories
You made it girl. You did us all proud

   *drumroll*          *drumroll*          *drumroll*

Dipanjali Saikia :Associate Systems Engg. ,IBM

Congratulations sis <3
and here’s wishing you all the luck you could get for the things to come
I love you, and you know it :*