Thursday, July 12, 2012

A search for life

An earnest endeavor

A cheerful voice so Agile

A warm demeanour

A genuine smile

It’s a Search for life

An affectionate face

A carefree dance

A protective embrace

A lucky chance

It’s a search for life

 A Goodbye that doesn’t hurt

A proud pat on the back

A stray mind that reverts

Doing charity for knack

It’s a search for life

An unconditional act of love              

 mind with an appetite to just learn

no charades like hands in a pretty glove

clean money and hard earned

it’s a search for life

hilarity that doesn’t build on someone

a pain for the smile of somebody deserving

a cry for the care of somebody who’s a no-one

a memory in the heart worth preserving

it’s a search for life

sin that leads to a noble cause

an intellect that breeds a million ingenious thoughts

an idea that’s worth a crowd’s applause

a favour not burdened but rather bought

it’s a search for life

a scream of happiness in intense pain

the right person at the right place

an unselfish rightful gain

deep love for a scarred face

it’s a search for life

Disciple of the values and not the name of the tradition

Look closely there are shades of white

No abuse of the sanctity of Ambition

Unveiling bitter truth hiding in plain sight

It’s a search for life

mind’s rocketing sky high yet feet on the ground

serenity of a blessing in disguise

creativity in compassion that knows no bounds

when vendetta doesn’t follow an unfair chastise

it’s a search for life


courage to fight another’s war

an excuse to make somebody smile

pride in a valiant scar

beautiful moments dazzling the memory pile

it’s a search for life

life goes on and time flows us around like a sturdy tide,

a million discoveries and inventions, it’s such a rush,

in awe of those who are distances apart and forgetting those 

who have always been on our side,

digging deep and flying high trying to survive the constant push

sooner or later we realize all it’s all about living the moment,

And maybe that’s called life!

time won't let me go....


  1. keep it up ... because you started writing blogs ... :D :D :D

  2. OMG !! sexy ... haven't seen ur blogs ... oops m wrong yr ...

    1. hahahaha chal now you have seen :P ,,, thanks anyway :)

  3. An interim heartbeat when u glaze at ur lover's eyes
    the panorama of the time spend together
    glittering through the breath u took
    is what sweet essence of life is.

  4. excellent poetry mr rohit ;) :)
    n btw thanks a ton :)