Friday, January 14, 2011

Thinking if you…..

I sit on the bench at an old street at midnight

Thinking if you would come searching for meTake me by the hand,with a relieved face to have me back in your sight.I walk on the beach and stare at the vast sea
Thinking if you would appear and swim with me into the waterWith a smile,showing your heart, with me is in glee.I stare at the sky,just looking at the stars
Thinking if you would tell me that none shines brighter than the one’s in my eyesAnd that my eyes were the deepest by far.I stay quiet and soundless all day long,
Thinking if you would whisper in my ear that you loved me the mostand would always no matter who came along.I sit numb and lifeless round the clock,
Thinking if you touch me with your tender handsAnd bring me closer to your heart to make me know that it was mine as i made it lock

I wonder that, maybe i was too thin or too fat
Maybe i wasn’t pretty enough or maybe a million things i lack
Maybe i was too loud or too dumb
Maybe i was too gloomy or too paleAll that is true if you would say so , because i can believe in anything you say as i believe in you more than anything and that you know.
As i write this last letter and shed my last tear because this pain for so long i cannot bear
You left me in the sidewalk and told me to move on
Where exactly, did you want me to go
Because i have been searching and no place seems to be so

And all that i want you to know is my soul is too crippled to flow

And my heart is too wounded to love again
My blood is too cold to runAnd my breath is too short to go on
My eyes are now too low to be looked into and my smile  seems to be lost somewhere
My voice seems to be fallen and my scent too meak to be distinguishedSay that you hate me,or something bad
Say something funny or something nice 
tell me to get a life and be bit more brawn
but don’t say move on!!!

i close my eyes and remember the happy time,

thinking that you would come sit by my side and say that you missed mebecause i am the love of your life.