Friday, July 20, 2012

FRIENDS- a family apart from the family

 Here it goes!!!!,,, to the random, weird yet the amazingly beautiful things that happen to me once in a while!

Why is it that the same old dish I hate to eat becomes so much tastier when its you whose trying to force it down my throat :P

Why is it that the same old song I nevr add to my daily playlist comes high on my chords and I’m singing it as loudly and ridiculously as I can when it’s you whose voice I can  feel adding to mine!

Why is it that the most boring and mundane of days turn into such reminiscent memories of mine only because you are in it!

Why is it that when I’m dressed in my pyjamas and sporting the hideous of hairforms, I still can’t wait for you to show up and chat all day/night long with you!

Why is it that when i burn something in my poor unfortunate kitchen you bring the most savouring, deliciously baked cakes just so I can’t stop the celebration!

Why is it that when im lazy and lying flat on my ass knowing I aint doing shit today but you say/do something  that makes me breathe a life of freshness and I jump to my keyboard to type my feelings down like I am now :P

Why is it that I’m  trying to act composed and full of poise in the any day instances but I babble like a 3yr old, laugh like a hyena until water comes snorting out of my nose and become so reckless of what everybody might think , totally embarrassing you guys in public, and yet love doing it! :P

Why is it that when I don’t wanna talk about something you just come along, almost strangling me you force it out of my mouth , and we end up talking for hours! :P

Why is it that when I know I’ll sound like a total loser and a complete idiot yet I admit to, letting my guard down I submit to and confess the most shameful and foolish of things I end up doing :P

Why is it that evrytime I think “how the hell am I going to get through this now” you stir me up like a fucking egg beater[ I couldn’t find an adjective better suiting than this :/ ] and I know I;m ready for the world J

Why is it that when I’m just another face in the crowd you do something that makes me feel that I’m special. And just know that I am not special because I am me, but because I have a you in me

And why is it that I know that 50% of the people would probably read the first line and turn to something else, the other 45% would find it comical and immature but I know there is a 5% that can’t help smiling and know that it’s them I am talking about :* :* :* :* <3 <3 <3

With lotta love especially for you guys J


  1. Awww...lovyu loz....
    Happy to be with you...Mwah :*
    Keep Smiling always :D
    you mean a lot!!!
    really special <3

  2. same here babe!!! blessed to be with you :)
    mmwaahh! :-*****