Thursday, October 4, 2012


Okay yes I know I’m a wee bit late , the birthday time got me all tangled up in phone-calls, mini-treaties and lots of people

 I was soo consumed in this moment

now that I’m all done with it and think about this 20th birthday of mine apart from all the birthday’s I have ever had , this seems peculiarly beautiful
one memory that is sure to stay with me for quite some time and maybe longer!

there I was on Thursday night thinking my birthday is gonna be the most boring cuz I was gonna be at just another mun conference socializing (so called :P) , debating(per say :P) and blah blah

but boy, was I wrong!

it came over to me as the most beautiful surprises I have ever had and proved me wrong in more than one ways

this just another mun conference made my 20th birthday the most special of all surprises I have ever had the luck of getting.

This one blissful day, just consummates my cup-full of wishes to what I could have asked for and more.

i never thought, this just another mun would be THIS special
never did i! never could i!
and never was being proven wrong this beautiful!

Rohit Gandhi: wot can I say about you man?
you have been such a darling
thankyouu , biggggg thankyouu for this, I m short of words ,
you overthrew my delight above all my expectations!

 Dikshant malik: you are like the EPIIICCESSSTT and so was MRIU MUN
this gesture, overwhelmed me beyond comparison, and noo!!! thankyou aint enuf J

Aashish chauhan: thankyou for this one hell of a cake and also you know why :P
Aamir ahmed: you were like  ‘the most fun ’ rapporteur ever ( they are known to be boring, you soo don't fit the cliche :D)

That over-the-top singing
and this new bunch of people that I met (best of whom I have ever met)
Karan (girlfriend :D) , mridul (thankyou, for saving me you-know-when :P) , riddhi (you are soo sweet :* ) , karan(gabon, or maybe gayyyy-ban :P) , vikas (thankyou, for those awesome pictures) , aditi , Tanya, unnati-jatin(yes I wrote your names together J)

piyush, Ayesha and arpit – your being there with me, made this special

and ofcourse my love, arshia
and shehzala, I gotta give you this, that you are are pretty adept at hiding of those presentiments so much so that even my ESPs (xtra –sensory-perception) din do much good

you guys Made this one day beyond special, to say the least

I might have been throat-closed- up for a while because I was dazed and yes it took some time to get over that WOAHHH-WAS-THAT-THE-BEST-BIRTHDAY-OR-WOT feeling!
but shehzala,arshia you guys, have stricken me with happiness beyond measures and this distant sense of amazement I owe to you BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trust me guys, I am STILL trying to fight the imagery


There are times when I luk at you two and think
shit! Why do I even love this stupid fuck? And then you give me a gazillion reasons (like this celebration) of why not and even more <3
And that’s more like forever from now :*

Lastly , this mun wheedled its way in my heart and is sure to stay there as one of the most special muns I have ever attended one hell of an mun ^_^
*raises glass*

SPOILER ALERT: I know who did it! so you better come clean -_-
i have got reliable sources   :D

- the red heels "pervert" of mriu mun :D


  1. Thanks for writing our names together :). Congratulations for an awesome bday !!!! Have a great year ahead...njy
    Jatin Unnati :P

  2. haha how could i not ^_^
    and thankyou :**
    love back :)