Sunday, September 30, 2012

yay!!! i am 20!

YES, i know we are perverted :D

Here it goes
akanksha , you, I know since I entered my middle school
Through those hush hush crushes, first notes, board exams books and to the very first boyfriends we have evolved to this stage
through all those up and downs
those kiddish fights to that one day which brought us to a standstill
and we moved apart, never to return back
but we did
somehow, and maybe this time for eternity 

you have always been there by my side, my happy times and those gloomy times
the bitching, the clandestine affairs, those vivid chapters of friendship, the blissful times
those slightly teary moments and finally the bond , it nly got stronger
and now you, yet again, make me feel on top of the world <3
my 20th budday <3
luk at it carefully, its not just another thankyou
its frm the heart!, frm the very core
I love you, forever
-your DODO bestie <3

this one is specially , for our best pair of heels <3


  1. Ah! Love you so much *
    You make me go speechless,senti....rula rula k maar hi daaloge :p ;)
    Undoubtedly it is life we both know what we mean in each other's life...I lovyu loz and I'll keep loving you :*
    Awesome selection and blends of words and pictures :* :* *: <3 <3 <3
    Always their for you 24X7 Sewa :p
    Lovyu back from the bottom of my heart...I cant write as well as you BITCH, Please! ;)
    Bhavnao ko samjho....
    lovyu lovyu lovyu :* :* :* *: *: *:

  2. kya yaaaarr dil jeet lia
    you make my heart go lalaaa lalallaaaalalaaaaaaa
    and yess
    we are for eternity
    and beyond
    me,you and our love will always be there
    even when we are not
    you, my family, girl <3