Thursday, October 4, 2012


Okay yes I know I’m a wee bit late , the birthday time got me all tangled up in phone-calls, mini-treaties and lots of people

 I was soo consumed in this moment

now that I’m all done with it and think about this 20th birthday of mine apart from all the birthday’s I have ever had , this seems peculiarly beautiful
one memory that is sure to stay with me for quite some time and maybe longer!

there I was on Thursday night thinking my birthday is gonna be the most boring cuz I was gonna be at just another mun conference socializing (so called :P) , debating(per say :P) and blah blah

but boy, was I wrong!

it came over to me as the most beautiful surprises I have ever had and proved me wrong in more than one ways

this just another mun conference made my 20th birthday the most special of all surprises I have ever had the luck of getting.

This one blissful day, just consummates my cup-full of wishes to what I could have asked for and more.

i never thought, this just another mun would be THIS special
never did i! never could i!
and never was being proven wrong this beautiful!

Rohit Gandhi: wot can I say about you man?
you have been such a darling
thankyouu , biggggg thankyouu for this, I m short of words ,
you overthrew my delight above all my expectations!

 Dikshant malik: you are like the EPIIICCESSSTT and so was MRIU MUN
this gesture, overwhelmed me beyond comparison, and noo!!! thankyou aint enuf J

Aashish chauhan: thankyou for this one hell of a cake and also you know why :P
Aamir ahmed: you were like  ‘the most fun ’ rapporteur ever ( they are known to be boring, you soo don't fit the cliche :D)

That over-the-top singing
and this new bunch of people that I met (best of whom I have ever met)
Karan (girlfriend :D) , mridul (thankyou, for saving me you-know-when :P) , riddhi (you are soo sweet :* ) , karan(gabon, or maybe gayyyy-ban :P) , vikas (thankyou, for those awesome pictures) , aditi , Tanya, unnati-jatin(yes I wrote your names together J)

piyush, Ayesha and arpit – your being there with me, made this special

and ofcourse my love, arshia
and shehzala, I gotta give you this, that you are are pretty adept at hiding of those presentiments so much so that even my ESPs (xtra –sensory-perception) din do much good

you guys Made this one day beyond special, to say the least

I might have been throat-closed- up for a while because I was dazed and yes it took some time to get over that WOAHHH-WAS-THAT-THE-BEST-BIRTHDAY-OR-WOT feeling!
but shehzala,arshia you guys, have stricken me with happiness beyond measures and this distant sense of amazement I owe to you BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trust me guys, I am STILL trying to fight the imagery


There are times when I luk at you two and think
shit! Why do I even love this stupid fuck? And then you give me a gazillion reasons (like this celebration) of why not and even more <3
And that’s more like forever from now :*

Lastly , this mun wheedled its way in my heart and is sure to stay there as one of the most special muns I have ever attended one hell of an mun ^_^
*raises glass*

SPOILER ALERT: I know who did it! so you better come clean -_-
i have got reliable sources   :D

- the red heels "pervert" of mriu mun :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

more than love itself..........

Reeking insincerity, walls of that bright room through and through resonating laughter and those displays of how-much–I-love-you
Masqueraded faces, and how I love there cover?

None is a comrade, let alone a lover

There I sit on the side, yes I talk and I smile
Vanity cars and flashy dresses and those voices, so agile
Camera flashes to capture those pearly whites, but this vacancy overpowers me
Suffocated the crowd gets me, yet I feel as lonely as I could be

Silly as it may sound,  then I see a face amongst those fallacies and lies 
I jump to my feet, and I smile with a bliss that sparkles in my eyes
I hold your hand and we dance to the rhythm of love
It’s just this one night and the ever so intriguing your smile’s curve

 No more forcing laughter, no more pacing up and down
It all ends tonight, yet it begins a new story of us in this town
My eyes gleam in this vivid moment, the bliss it smears
I love the view from up here, air of love in my ears 

you are now with me, i have lived it all right at this moment 

i am complete, bring forth my sorrows and happiness that i ever lent
i got someone i can live till time can spare
 i got someone i love more than love itself