Friday, December 21, 2012

says a scared pessimistic girl around the corner

Walking down the street alone, after dark. You should know that you’re a slut
Wearing a short skirt? Guess you’re asking for it!
In light of this gangrape case (which is NOT first of it’s kind, statistics indicate of how many, possibly more gruesome ones, go unreported) The wave of wrath has been transpired across the length and breadth of the nation, on the streets, in the parliament. All are at the vantage point ; the police, the government, the Chief Minister, the judiciary, the laws…everyone but ourselves.  

So before you go on suggesting solutions like castrate them! Capital punishment! Chop off their dicks and stick them to their heads(a very innovative one; I gotta say)! we should stop and think . are they the ones to blame? Who is the real culprit?Who is at fault? As for the their punishment is considered In my personal opinion it should be up to the girl to decide what she wants to be done with them.
What we could do is urge ourselves to think a little beyond the obvious. Here’ a  rub…….
 What is it that could really bring about the sort of resurrection that we desire?
By changing the system?
Or by changing ourselves?
Those who feel the latter could be true. Congratulations! you’re on the road to reform.
Now what we cannot do is

we cannot stop the adolescent boys from watching porn on the net or eyeing, reluctantly, a girl they might find appealing

We cannot stop the neighbour’s kid from taking pictures of girls in his phone camera secretly.

But what we can do is sow the seeds of realisation in their minds and hearts so that they very well realise and accept what is happening around them is wrong and not only should have the fear of stigma, the world but also the fear of falling in their own eyes. The pretext of guilt is to be instilled in their very psych! Stop preaching girls and start educating men to respect womenfolk, in simple words that is.

And as for those of the former(colossal misconception) I’m afraid the evasion(yes, that’s what I would call it) shall not last long. its only a matter of time when you wil too join the league of the latter when you see, possibly your own son, brother or maybe even boyfriend do something reviling to your own self.
I’m not one to politically feminize but holy hell this system has GOT TO change. This time , for good!
A collective resolute resolve to wisp away the stamp of ignominy, barbarism and scum being shoved from every part of this godforsaken globe, is bound to be taken.
Taking a small example. Let’s say music. We often condone or maybe fail to even notice that this misogyny we are fighting against with full zeal and fervour is actually a product of our actions. honey singh. Ring a bell? maybe you’re too big a fan or maybe have never heard of it. but this man’s music has always appealed to me reason being (NOT his trinity school of music degree) this peculiar Indian-ness (as I would put it) he has brought to rap! My idea of rap was always Eminem, kanye, travie mcoy and now, inevitably, this man’s picture comes to my mind along with them(not that I am comparing). But not lately. Not since I was introduced to some of his works I had only heard existed. The point I am making here is I don’t know how many of you have actually heard these songs of him. The lyrics. The fucking misogyny reeking out his songs. the artistic profanity in lieu of his women that he portrays as objects in his songs is not the only reason of my snubs for his songs. but also The sheer explicitness of the composition with which he depicts the females as nothing but mere sex objects. Every time I listen to his songs Every pore of my identity that I owe to my sex runs into a frenzied overdrive of anger, distress and disgust. Listening to them is like an Injustice to my own sex, at least for me.
My sub conscious stamping her feet and yelling at me of the injustice I did to my own self. Get the picture, now?
what he must think of women?(in one of his songs, he talks of his ex girlfriend washing her prospective husband’s underwear and dirty utensils in the time to come , all because she dumped his ass)
 Well, I am not judging this singer here. I am judging those people who hear his songs and dance to his beats let alone being aghast at this selection of music they rather welcome this objectification of women and pay bucks to have at it. women and men, both, mind you. It is upsetting to say the least that The same people, whom you would find protesting on the streets demanding a resignation of Sheila dixit, suggesting castration as binding laws for rape convicts, changing profile pictures  to big black dots and painting themselves in the color of eradicating-every-evil-against women protagonists, owing to the suddenly discovered need of women empowerment.
Before any of you misinterpret, I am not saying you stop listening to his songs or boycott him. All I am doing is rubbing away the mist on this fogged up mirror of our society. Fogged with misogyny. Patriarchy.  Mist of our own cold attitude that we have kept towards gender issues taking an evil form somewhere or the other, time and again.  
Realisation is the first step towards resurrection. And resurrection can only be brought about when The plague is massacred from the very bottom to the very top Before it gets the better of the society(for some of the cases, I’m afraid it already has)
Education of any level, be it school or graduate or beyond that, does not guarantee gender sensitivity. I’m sorry but I was never and can never be in favour of gender equality! Because I don’t feel men and women are or ever will be equal. Merely preaching of it makes us even bigger idiots than we already are. Once we speak of it then we can forget about talking of special rights for women. And the instances we read and hear about every minute of the day clearly indicate a need for the otherwise. The  capital of the prodigy of lands of ethics, values and culture is now, to the misfortune of all of us, reeking of the patriarchal society it inhibits, the predicament of the indignation the people have brought upon themselves and a testament that THIS is some fucked up shit!

How this emerging fast capital of the nation has been constantly moving at rocket speed towards modernization, customizing lifestyles to uber luxury mode and getting big mouthed of this progressive culture but in all honesty we ALL are Going back to True south.

And before some of you misinterpret me let me just clear the air by saying that not all of us have this misogynistic approach and of course, it is the sensitivity of the good people that this nation is still stable and reforms are at least underway.

However, Each and every instance we hear about reeks of the patriarchal society we inhibit.

By the suitor who rejects tens of prospective brides
By the father who favours the son over the daughter
By the people who play blind, mute and deaf every time they witness an eve teasing.
By the boy who watches his father hit his mother.
By the girl who keeps the “this-shall-pass-too” attitude every time she is indecently touched

When you’re bit by a snake , you have to suck the poison out. Maybe that’s what we should do. Suck the poison out.
So before becoming the onlooker that goes on to overlook and give away free tickets by casually justifying the offences of any such eve teasers, sermonising the ladies at the other end by merely saying “aah, you know, boys will be boys”. Think . think of the enormity of the carnage you are bringing upon the women of this country.
Observation of silence in the face of atrocity (warranted or not!) perpetrates this savage behaviour that one day leads to us getting furiously appalled and out on the streets protesting. Well, people this won’t change anything except for your blood pressure. So let’s not fool ourselves any further because it makes you no better than the ones you are protesting against. Protest! Protest every such instance without giving away a chance for such ugly faces of barbarism to rise. I mean, how much more innovation in rapes do you need? Isn’t this creative enough? And changing your profile picture then justifying it as an act of solidarity and unison against the fight with the system shall not confer any such social evils to extinction.

Show solidarity when you see a girl getting ogled by a bunch of losers beside the street!

Show solidarity when hear your neighbour hitting his wife in the dead of the night!

If you really want to put an end to it , like I know you do then speak up! Fight! Unbind yourselves from the chains of hesitation and none-of-my-business attitude! It may not be your daughter, mother, sister or your wife but it can be tomorrow! Bloody well, Make it your business!
Teach all of these motherfuckers a lesson! Let’s say like an ode to the one who will fight for your daughter, sister,  mother  or wife like you are, right now, for somebody else’s.

and remember ladies, nothing beats the life out, like a high heeled kick in the balls!

#a scared pessimistic girl around the corner 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Through the high, deep rooted walls of hurdles life entrenched
you gave the cynical ploy of fate, a run for its money
you sore high and above, far beyond the reach of those who undermined you
you made it girl.  you did us all proud.

Not with a fizzle but with a bang, You rose above the odds
Blew that floozy façade refusing to work at anybody but your’s bid
Privy to what those of the grey areas said, you shot that horse in the face
you made it girl. you did us all proud.

Going solo, you sailed through the turbulence of the dark seas
Raising the White flag was never an option, no matter how tough the going got
Success is now yours and sky is the limit, applause is all you can hear.
You made it girl, you did us all proud.

You are an inspiration, you may not be aware
You are that nudge only prodigies of such finesse could be
You are my rub for every meltdown, our shenanigans make the best of memories
You made it girl. You did us all proud

   *drumroll*          *drumroll*          *drumroll*

Dipanjali Saikia :Associate Systems Engg. ,IBM

Congratulations sis <3
and here’s wishing you all the luck you could get for the things to come
I love you, and you know it :*

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Okay yes I know I’m a wee bit late , the birthday time got me all tangled up in phone-calls, mini-treaties and lots of people

 I was soo consumed in this moment

now that I’m all done with it and think about this 20th birthday of mine apart from all the birthday’s I have ever had , this seems peculiarly beautiful
one memory that is sure to stay with me for quite some time and maybe longer!

there I was on Thursday night thinking my birthday is gonna be the most boring cuz I was gonna be at just another mun conference socializing (so called :P) , debating(per say :P) and blah blah

but boy, was I wrong!

it came over to me as the most beautiful surprises I have ever had and proved me wrong in more than one ways

this just another mun conference made my 20th birthday the most special of all surprises I have ever had the luck of getting.

This one blissful day, just consummates my cup-full of wishes to what I could have asked for and more.

i never thought, this just another mun would be THIS special
never did i! never could i!
and never was being proven wrong this beautiful!

Rohit Gandhi: wot can I say about you man?
you have been such a darling
thankyouu , biggggg thankyouu for this, I m short of words ,
you overthrew my delight above all my expectations!

 Dikshant malik: you are like the EPIIICCESSSTT and so was MRIU MUN
this gesture, overwhelmed me beyond comparison, and noo!!! thankyou aint enuf J

Aashish chauhan: thankyou for this one hell of a cake and also you know why :P
Aamir ahmed: you were like  ‘the most fun ’ rapporteur ever ( they are known to be boring, you soo don't fit the cliche :D)

That over-the-top singing
and this new bunch of people that I met (best of whom I have ever met)
Karan (girlfriend :D) , mridul (thankyou, for saving me you-know-when :P) , riddhi (you are soo sweet :* ) , karan(gabon, or maybe gayyyy-ban :P) , vikas (thankyou, for those awesome pictures) , aditi , Tanya, unnati-jatin(yes I wrote your names together J)

piyush, Ayesha and arpit – your being there with me, made this special

and ofcourse my love, arshia
and shehzala, I gotta give you this, that you are are pretty adept at hiding of those presentiments so much so that even my ESPs (xtra –sensory-perception) din do much good

you guys Made this one day beyond special, to say the least

I might have been throat-closed- up for a while because I was dazed and yes it took some time to get over that WOAHHH-WAS-THAT-THE-BEST-BIRTHDAY-OR-WOT feeling!
but shehzala,arshia you guys, have stricken me with happiness beyond measures and this distant sense of amazement I owe to you BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trust me guys, I am STILL trying to fight the imagery


There are times when I luk at you two and think
shit! Why do I even love this stupid fuck? And then you give me a gazillion reasons (like this celebration) of why not and even more <3
And that’s more like forever from now :*

Lastly , this mun wheedled its way in my heart and is sure to stay there as one of the most special muns I have ever attended one hell of an mun ^_^
*raises glass*

SPOILER ALERT: I know who did it! so you better come clean -_-
i have got reliable sources   :D

- the red heels "pervert" of mriu mun :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

more than love itself..........

Reeking insincerity, walls of that bright room through and through resonating laughter and those displays of how-much–I-love-you
Masqueraded faces, and how I love there cover?

None is a comrade, let alone a lover

There I sit on the side, yes I talk and I smile
Vanity cars and flashy dresses and those voices, so agile
Camera flashes to capture those pearly whites, but this vacancy overpowers me
Suffocated the crowd gets me, yet I feel as lonely as I could be

Silly as it may sound,  then I see a face amongst those fallacies and lies 
I jump to my feet, and I smile with a bliss that sparkles in my eyes
I hold your hand and we dance to the rhythm of love
It’s just this one night and the ever so intriguing your smile’s curve

 No more forcing laughter, no more pacing up and down
It all ends tonight, yet it begins a new story of us in this town
My eyes gleam in this vivid moment, the bliss it smears
I love the view from up here, air of love in my ears 

you are now with me, i have lived it all right at this moment 

i am complete, bring forth my sorrows and happiness that i ever lent
i got someone i can live till time can spare
 i got someone i love more than love itself 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

yay!!! i am 20!

YES, i know we are perverted :D

Here it goes
akanksha , you, I know since I entered my middle school
Through those hush hush crushes, first notes, board exams books and to the very first boyfriends we have evolved to this stage
through all those up and downs
those kiddish fights to that one day which brought us to a standstill
and we moved apart, never to return back
but we did
somehow, and maybe this time for eternity 

you have always been there by my side, my happy times and those gloomy times
the bitching, the clandestine affairs, those vivid chapters of friendship, the blissful times
those slightly teary moments and finally the bond , it nly got stronger
and now you, yet again, make me feel on top of the world <3
my 20th budday <3
luk at it carefully, its not just another thankyou
its frm the heart!, frm the very core
I love you, forever
-your DODO bestie <3

this one is specially , for our best pair of heels <3

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

happy birthday rashi

Clandestine affairs form to be my communiqué
Remission of worldly predicaments and precarious relations
To a vacuum of affection and care, you bring to me
Paraphernalia, you create to bring me to the aplomb of friendship
Consummate in the art of loving me as if you were made exclusively for me
You truce the storms and battle of the emotions in my heart
This is a bond we share!
This is sacrosanct
This is forever!

Ignominy of defeat you would shield my senses from
You beguile the innocence in me to a world of lovable fantasy
Ubiquitous aura of care you would emit to me
Contravening the law of world “let the child learn”
From bruised knees to bruised hearts you would bear of my share
 you never let the peril get to me
This is a bond we share!
This is sacrosanct
This is forever!

You nonplus my sense of adulthood
To swing me into a labyrinth of myriad emotions
I won’t raise the white flag to the world
My conscience is stalwart because you are in me
Affirming my conjecture that I will win the world
and you emancipate my worldly liabilities
This is a bond we share!
This is sacrosanct
This is forever!

Admonishing the Forlorn inflicted on me
You bring to me the effusive inspiration when I blench into sombre chapters
And you are the investor of the benefaction for my strength in the perilous relay of life
How you ease my impetuosity and feign on me lessons I need to learn
Prevaricating those flattering allusions society airs around me
Circuitously, you ease my internal critic without even me realizing
This is a bond we share!
This is sacrosanct
This is forever!

If my life was a book, you would be the writer
Because I know for one, you are the reason I can believe
The belief in a perfect life is not a fallacy when I know you are there
 My dreams make way to a new world devoid of vexation or chagrin
For the sole reason of you being the soul that puts the spell on my trance
World may come and go around, but this road is forever to stay
This is a bond we share!
This is sacrosanct
This is forever!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

She, a girl I knew

She,  whose  hair  was  always  messed  up,  not  that  anybody  noticed
She, whose voice echoed integrity, not that she was always heard
She, whose covetousness never turned into envy, not that she didn’t yearn
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She who loved for the sake of love and not customs, not that she was always reciprocated
She whose charm seemed unfathomable, not that she appealed to everyone
She whose skin was as fresh as the morning dew, not that she flaunted it
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She whose eyes were soulful and said too much, not that they were always looked into
She whose heartbeat was a rhythm of love, not that anybody knew of it
She whose life was no dream; like a fairytale, not that she won’t dream it to be one
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She, whose face had an aura that could mesmerize, not that anybody realized it
She, whose dance felt an exemption of all liabilities, not that there was any observer
She, whose words left an impact to last for eternity, not that she took to the podium
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She whose nails aren’t the perfect to look at, not that it stops her from lending a hand to anyone who needs
She whose presence feels like a pinnacle of fortune to me, not that luck favours her much
She whose touch makes me feel loved, not that I am always there for her
 She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She who patiently observes and spots right on, not that she would ever proclaim
She who has been through a lot and can relate to it, not that she would ever judge
She who secretly loves him and would freak out if he ever said hi, not that he even knows her name
She, a girl I knew , was far and away a soul too good to be true.

She who dreams a continuum of fairytales, not that she doesn’t work hard enough for it
She who could dare to but doesn’t choose to, not that she would change that for anything in the world
She who gazes at the sky in awe of the beauty of starlight, not that she is any less of a star
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true.

She, who learns for the sake of learning , not that she bags the titles always
She, who runs across the wind letting her hair get dishevelled, not that she is admired for it
She, who hears me babble all day long without a grimace, not that she is short of things to say
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She, who lives beneath the sky on this very earth with us, not that many know about it
She, who worships all but is victimized by none, not that she doesn’t think of god in every moment
She who sometimes choked in her voice whimpers in the dark time, not that she doesn’t urge to scream
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She, who sighs when they don’t understand , not that she could ever get tired of trying
She who loves when it rains down on her for the serenity it brings, not that she was tainted by any ill
She who laughs carelessly without a care, not that everybody admires this about her
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a soul too good to be true!

She who lullabies me from my pain into a world of happiness, not that she has any less to cry about
She, who lies for my smile out of love for me, not that she could ever hide this from me
She whose goodbyes never seem so long, not that she is forever to stay
She who never seems, feels, acts perfect, not that she isn’t just imperfect perfection
She, a girl I knew, was far and away a FRIEND too good to be true!