Monday, October 1, 2012

more than love itself..........

Reeking insincerity, walls of that bright room through and through resonating laughter and those displays of how-much–I-love-you
Masqueraded faces, and how I love there cover?

None is a comrade, let alone a lover

There I sit on the side, yes I talk and I smile
Vanity cars and flashy dresses and those voices, so agile
Camera flashes to capture those pearly whites, but this vacancy overpowers me
Suffocated the crowd gets me, yet I feel as lonely as I could be

Silly as it may sound,  then I see a face amongst those fallacies and lies 
I jump to my feet, and I smile with a bliss that sparkles in my eyes
I hold your hand and we dance to the rhythm of love
It’s just this one night and the ever so intriguing your smile’s curve

 No more forcing laughter, no more pacing up and down
It all ends tonight, yet it begins a new story of us in this town
My eyes gleam in this vivid moment, the bliss it smears
I love the view from up here, air of love in my ears 

you are now with me, i have lived it all right at this moment 

i am complete, bring forth my sorrows and happiness that i ever lent
i got someone i can live till time can spare
 i got someone i love more than love itself 

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